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Edge of Fusion is a game and NFT project produced and published by Metawizart, a corporate company that takes its place on the Ethereum Erc721A blockchain with hundreds of original and unique designs.
It is a 2D NFT project specially designed to create our own community and provide different gains and opportunities to its owners when the game is released.
Edge of fusion will have 3 different parties.
AI NFT,2D NFT,3D NFT The first owners of any of these parties will enjoy various privileges and privileges from our other projects when the game is released and in the future, and their NFTs will increase in value.
Therefore, each batch will have its own consistency and value until the final planned metaverse game step.
The estimated number of collections is 10,000.

Unique Original


Each character is crafted by state of the art 3D software individually for the owner.

Our project is built


Erc-721a is an implementation of erc721 with significant gas savings for minting multiple NFTs in a single transaction.

Developed by AZUKI.

Build bridges to projects

Access to Metawizart club

One of a kind access to the other projects by bridging between each other

Metaverse Game

Early access opportunity

Until the final planned metaverse game step, each party will have its own consistency and value.
Each project will gain value on its own.

2D  NFT Gallery


Who doesn’t love video games? They influenced our childhood in a very exciting way. Edge of Fusion will be a Metaverse game that will take us back to the good old days. Edge of Fusion members will have the opportunity to develop a collaborative community story and be part of a hybrid NFT ecosystem, as well as own rights to upcoming Metaverse projects. Creative and idealistic artists, storytellers and game developers will add the best of their ideas to the Edge of Fusion story for future developments. He is scheduled to develop a game project about Supply Edge of Fusion. The first character Luke Storm will be produced in 2D NFT 10,000 units and 3D NFT 10,000 units. Owners of 2D NFT and 3D NFT will get unique rights and privileges for gaming and other projects.

Access to Metawizart club.
Access to the ecosystem.
One of a kind access to the other projects by bridging between each other. Each project will gain value by itself and act according to their communities

Our project is built on the ethereum (erc-721a) blockchain. Erc-721a is an implementation of ıerc721 with significant gas savings for minting multiple nfts in a single transaction. Developed by azukı.    ( www.erc721a.org )

Whitelist mint price TBA
Pre-sale mint price TBA
Public mint price. TBA

Minting can be done using metamask.

A maximum of 2 nfts can be purchased per whitelisted account and 5 for public sale.

It will be updated regularly. Follow social media accounts

You can view you NFT on Opensea by connecting your wallet.

More updates will be posted on our social media accounts.

Come join the Edgeoffusion community on! Twitter And Discord.

You will be notified on the twitter page.

Edge of Fusion will keep growing by other considerable partnerships and shares, both inside and outside of the NFT ecosystem. There will be a continuous interaction with other projects on the Metawizart and new opportunities to the community.

There will be clothing merchandise available for all the Metawizart collections created.
The merchandise is for project owners only, and will be shipped individually.

We are also on a development process for 10 other NFT collections. Edge of Fusion owners will have a special opportunity to gain access to the early listing of these particular projects.

By having a well financed community fund, Edge of Fusion will announce art contests, community grants, daily and weekly gifts and many other fun activities to support & increase the visibility on the market..

Metawizart is a beneficiary to it’s total 10 NFT projects. This will be announced in the near future. These projects have been on the development process with a professional team for a year.
Metawizart company is a corporate company established by highly skilled artists and developers specialized on 3D modelling, gaming, animation and AI learning classes. All NFT collections that are produced and branded by Metawizart will provide access to other upcoming projects on the platform.
Please follow our social media community for updates.



Founder (3D Generalist)


Co, Founder (Computer Engineer)


 Character Modelling And Shading


3D Artist(Modelling)


Game Developer


3D Artist (Character rigging)




Art & Design


Project Management




Web Developer

Metawizart Studio

Web3 Enabler Team & 3d Pipeline

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